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100+ Plantbased Vegan Recipes, All Gluten Free and Dairy Free

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I love everything about this book. Lina has put her heart and soul into it and you can feel it on every single page. The recipes are as vibrantly beautiful as they’re delicious and the pictures will leave you wanting to recreate each one of them!

– Kim Julie Hansen, Best of Vegan

I am ever so grateful for Lina Saber! For many years, I suffered with acne and was in search of a natural way to keep my skin blemish free. Thanks to Lina, I learned amazing tips and tricks on how to keep my skin acne-free. Her wonderful nice-creams, smoothies and bowls are not only healthy but are absolutely delectable. Also, I must admit, I am absolutely addicted to her captivating photography. Thank you so much Lina.

– Melissa Modeste, Journalist, CBS

I bought Lina’s “Radiant Plant-based LifeStyle” eBook to learn how to make her delicious creamy n’icecreams and I soon learned it is much more than n’icecream recipes. In fact, it has become an essential member of our kitchen’s tool chest.
Not only does it include a wealth of recipes for for smoothies, n’icecream, savory dishes, she also provides detailed practical tips on how to stock your pantry, a healthy weekly meal plan, user-friendly grocery lists, and even the most efficient way to pack your refrigerator.
My favorite recipes happened to be the Rejuvenating Smoothie, Lycopene Fuel Juice, and her sweet potato brownies, but there are many more. And the book is a bit different then other recipe books.
Not only does she provide a method per recipe, but she also offers not one but several ways to achieve various results. Once example is her section on how to thicken n’icecreams in which she provides several tips to increase the creaminess that are not commonly known.
She also shares extensive ways to enrich smoothies, tips on how to make juice without a blender and more. And everything is so well indexed that recipes for any garnishments are always paginated within any main recipe, so duplicating her gorgeous presentation is easy!
And the book is also inspiring. Lina’s voice is warm and knowledgeable, and she also includes a section in which she shares her own heart-felt story of her path to healthy eating, and includes quotes and images that lend a positive, can-do spirit to the book.
All in all, I think Lina’s book is a “go-to” resource for anyone who is interested in a healthy plant-based diet and lifestyle. And I am so excited to learn that she is coming out with an app soon!

– Dee, Author of Green Smoothie Gourmet